About In2media

In2media has ever since the early start in 1994 grown into being a full service digital agency. Following the evolution of the net we’ve created different, groundbreaking and challenging digital solutions. And we still do. To be curious and visionary is in our nature. That’s why efficient, experience-based digital communication is our trademark.

In2media produces campaigns, corporate sites, brand channels, rich media sites, applications, and transaction sites. The aim of our solutions is to strengthen the relations between clients and users. That’s why we insist on having insights and understanding for the need of both clients and users. When this is accomplished, strategy, concept, content, technology and process all come together in a unified form.

The E3-principal is the core in our approach to any assignment. All three E’s must be fulfilled for a solution to be classified as completed:

ENRICH – to enrich and be enriched
When the client and we enrich each other it enriches the solution and the experience provided for the users

EXCITE – to excite and be excited
When we’re excited by a project, we’ll deliver a unique solution that will excite both client and users

EMPOWER – to empower and be empowered
With the confidence of our clients we’re empowered to create solutions that empower users and clients in new exciting ways

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